Providing support to people in the Leeds District whose lives have been affected by domestic violence and abuse


Our Support Services


What we do

At Behind Closed Doors, we help women, men and children, across Leeds, prevent the escalation of violence and abuse; stay safe; rebuild their self-esteem and autonomy and address the practical problems associated with domestic violence and abuse.


Support is provided by phone and/or 1-1 face to face in the community wherever people feel safe. This  could be in their own homes, a family members or friends home, a workplace, a children’s centre, or a GP surgery.


Our services are delivered by two teams:

Community Domestic Violence Team (part of Leeds Domestic Violence Service)

Prevention and Recovery Service


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  • Community Domestic Violence Team (part of Leeds Domestic Violence Service)  Click to find out more

    Our Community Domestic Violence Team works with women and men in partnership with Leeds Women's Aid and Women’s Health Matters

    Community Domestic Violence Practitioner Support


    • Works with people to reduce the risk from domestic violence and abuse and improve safety


    • Works with people face-to-face in their own homes (if it is safe) or another safe, neutral place, e.g. a GP surgery, Children's Centre.  If this is not possible, they can offer telephone support.


    • Provides support and information on practical issues e.g. housing, health and benefits and accompany people to appointments, e.g. with solicitors, police, housing agencies


    • Provides support, information and accompany people to civil legal proceedings and support them with social care related issues


    • Refers women and children to refuges across the country and temporary emergency accommodation - very limited refuge provision for men in the UK


    • Advocates with other agencies to obtain appropriate support, e.g. with the police


    • Supports people to access other agencies that can offer specialist help and advice appropriate to their needs e.g. drug and alcohol agencies


    • Listens and provides emotional support in confidence


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  • Prevention and Recovery Service (PARS) Click to find out more

    Prevention and Recovery Service


    Our Prevention and Recovery Service works with women

    and men who are mainly seeking help to understand if

    their relationship is abusive and to support them to

    recover from recent or past abuse. Support is tailored to

    meet each person’s unique needs.


    The Prevention and Recovery Service is delivered by workers and volunteers. The support can include:


    • Ways to stay safe


    • Time to explore and acknowledge difficult feelings and thoughts


    • Understanding abusive relationships


    • Recognising warnings signs of abusers


    • Coming to terms with what is/has been experienced


    • Rebuilding self-confidence and self-esteem


    • Information for on-going practical issues such as financial issues, returning to work or education (does not include legal proceedings)


    • Working with other family members to promote whole-family healing


    • Resources or sign-posting to other agencies where appropriate and agreed


    • Planning for the future, including Healthy Relationships


    Types of Support


    Phone Support: Support begins with the first phone contact.  We offer regular phone support to everyone (usually fortnightly) until a worker or volunteer is available to start face-to-face visits.  Many people appreciate and benefit from this regular phone support but if this is not wanted, there is an option to be placed on a waiting list for face-to-face support only.


    Face-to-face Support: When progressing to face-to-face support, we will work with people in their own homes or, where this is not safe or convenient, in another safe location e.g. a friend’s home, Children’s Centre, GP surgery or another agreed location.   Where phone support has already been in place, we build upon this work, usually offering a maximum of 12 visits/meetings;  Monday to Thursday 9:00-4:00 and Friday 9:00-3:30.


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Client Comments

What can I say; you have been such an important part of my life for the last ten months. I feel so much better now and have recently felt able to laugh out loud, which I haven’t done for so long. I feel happier, much stronger than I have in years. I could not have done any of this without your help.

Without you I know I would have been in a very dark place, a very lonely and very unhappy place.

All I can say is thank you from the bottom of my heart; you are a tremendous organisation which has made a massive difference to my life. I can say this now because I feel I have the start of a new life ahead.

You do amazing work and make such a difference to people’s lives. You saved me - I had some terrible thoughts, mostly, “what the hell is my purpose in life, would I be missed if I wasn’t here?” I always came up with the same answer; “NO”.

You have healed me and taught me to look past what one person thought of me, how they treated me and how they made me feel so worthless and a waste of space.

I am now a different person and would like to thank you for restoring my faith in life. THANK YOU (E's Story)



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