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Empowering lives: A winter of compassion and hope in Leeds

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As winter arrives, your support is so important for people experiencing domestic abuse in Leeds, offering them the warmth and compassion they need to transform their lives. January, our busiest month, brings an increased demand for help. As children return to school and people who have experienced domestic abuse find moments of reflection, they bravely reach out for help. Your compassion could be the lifeline that changes the lives of families and individuals this winter.

Being a Community Practitioner means there is no such thing as a “typical day.” My role involves providing practical and emotional support to victims and survivors of domestic abuse, each day presenting its own unique challenges.

Recently, I stood alongside a survivor in court, her fear palpable as her threatening ex-partner, who did not live locally, made his presence known. Your support enabled me to provide comfort and reassurance throughout this daunting process. Many survivors, even with the best legal representation, struggle to understand the complex language used in court, leaving them anxious and uncertain about the future. Your donations make it possible for me to be there, easing their minds and being their pillar of strength.

Your generosity creates a safe haven for survivors to share their stories, reminding them they are not alone. Your steadfast support empowers them to break free from abuse, one step at a time. I spend a significant amount of time on the phone with new and existing service users, helping them unpack their situations—whether it’s support with family courts, safety planning, or a simple reminder to stay positive, like sticking a message on the fridge. Even after leaving abusive environments, survivors face hurdles such as housing, immigration, and employment.

The holiday season adds pressure, and many families find it challenging to engage with support during this time, often not wanting to “ruin” what is a magical time for most. January brings a surge in demand as the financial pressures of the season intensify, and previous protective factors, like increased contact with friends and family, diminish. Your donations and support during these critical periods allow survivors to transition from fear to fierce determination.

You, kind-hearted supporters, are the lifeblood of our work. Your generosity enables moments of transformation, where survivors move from fear to strength. Witnessing their growth fills my heart with joy and purpose. Your support helps us create a resilient community, where survivors find solace and strength, knowing that people like you and me stand with them.

Despite domestic abuse often remaining behind closed doors, your understanding of its impact and your unwavering support make you truly extraordinary. Your generosity changes lives, allowing me to continue my life’s work in supporting those who need it most. With your support, we can continue our mission to build lives free from domestic abuse, reaching more people in Leeds who desperately need our help. Will you join us this winter? Your donation is not just a donation; it’s a lifeline and a chance for survivors to look forward to a future free from domestic abuse.

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