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Men’s service

Domestic abuse happens across society and in all communities. 1 in 6 men will experience domestic abuse in their lives.  Domestic abuse leaves you feeling scared and isolated, and whatever form it takes domestic abuse is never acceptable.

Men’s Service

We understand men experience domestic abuse.  Our specialist Men’s Community Practitioners are here to help you reduce your risk of harm from abusive relationships, recover and improve your overall well being.

We offer practical help that is tailored to your needs, such as support to put a safety plan in place, explore housing options or access legal advice.  We can also offer help to support you to recover from your experiences of domestic abuse through one to one sessions and group work.

To access support visit our get help page.

Further reading and information

More information about our work with Men who have experienced domestic abuse can be found in our Men’s Handbook  and our Policy.

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Service-User Group

We run regular Service-User Groups to learn more about men’s experiences of domestic abuse to be able to work with you to ensure our help and support is right.

Feedback from the Men’s Service-User Group is valuable, over the last twelve months we have learnt about the below themes which we are building into our support;

  • Improve health professional’s knowledge of men’s experience of domestic abuse.
  • Be clear who we help, there is a belief that domestic abuse services are not for men.
  • Peer support groups.
  • Services need to have greater awareness of inter-generational abuse, eg son or daughter to father.

For more information about how to get involved in our Service-User Groups please see our Volunteer Page.