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Ben’s Story

Ben’s case was discussed at Marac (Multi Agency Risk Assessment Conference) due to a serious physical assault on him from his ex-partner, requiring medical attention. The incident was reported to the police via a neighbour who had witnessed the assault.

The referral was sent to our Community Domestic Violence Team (part of Leeds Domestic Violence Service) to try and establish contact with the service user and look at what safety interventions and support could be offered to him.

The Community DV Team managed to make contact with Ben, who disclosed that he had been subjected to many serious assaults, his ex-partner was very controlling and although the relationship ended, the abuse not only continued, if anything it worsened. Ben’s ex-partner was so controlling he would phone and text him constantly, he would turn up at his property helping himself to Ben’s property, money and other belongings. He would smash up Ben’s car causing additional financial pressure. Ben’s ex-partner also outed him to neighbours and family members putting a strain on their relationships.

Ben was in receipt of an additional benefit due to his mental health issues and the additional support that he required. An anonymous person reported him to DWP reporting that he was claiming the money fraudulently. This had a massive impact on Ben’s mental health and at times he stated he felt suicidal. We spoke to DWP on the service user’s behalf to advocate about his current situation. This issue was deemed as a malicious report and resolved quickly.

Initially we put a safety plan in place, he changed his number and agreed to call the police should he need to. Due to the high level of threat, Ben was very quickly offered a move from the area. This move had to be timed and planned in a safe way, as his ex-partner had family that lived nearby. Ben was scared he would be followed whilst moving and be located by his ex-partner, therefore he would be at further risk. The move went smoothly; additional security was put in place at his new property to make it safer. The option of legal advice for protective orders was given, should he feel this was necessary in the future. Ben has now rebuilt relationships with his family members who are there to support him. Although his mental health is an ongoing issue, he is no longer self-harming or suicidal.

Ben was very appreciative of the help and support he received, he stated he did not feel judged and had previously found it difficult to open up and access support.

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