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Janet’s Story

Over many years, Janet suffered psychological, sexual and financial abuse. Janet was now out of the relationship but finding it hard to recover.

She had been diagnosed with OCD which was impacting her broader mental and physical health, this meant she was unable to work. Janet had lost trust in services and hadn’t seen her GP for months.

She was worried about the impact all of this had on her son who became very distressed if separated from her. During the abuse, Janet was prevented from seeing her family and she felt ashamed to tell them what was happening, she became isolated and tensions in the family grew.

We created a safe and confidential space for Janet to talk to us about her experiences and what she hoped to achieve from the support. We provided emotional support by using worksheets and exercises to help Janet make sense of the abuse and the impact it has had. We supported Janet to prepare for GP appointments and agreed to make referrals for therapy and the local Children’s Centre.

We facilitated a family session to help Janet and her sister discuss the abuse and the impact this had on her and her family. Janet no longer blames herself for the abuse, its impact and breakdown in her family relationships. Janet grew in confidence and self-esteem as she became clearer about what a healthy relationship meant to her.

“The key changes I have seen are that my confidence has improved within myself and how I handle others. I have come to terms with what has happened to me to make sure I prevent it happening again. Being able to see ‘red flags’ before it becomes too late has been a key change for me.”

Janet reengaged with her GP and started accessing therapy from Leeds Mental Wellbeing Services. Janet’s son started nursery, adapted to a new routine and now enjoys playing with other children.

Janet and her sister continue to rebuild their relationship. Janet feels able to prioritise self-care and make positive choices for herself and her son and is looking forward to the future.

“It was good to have a safe space to pick through what has happened to me so I can understand it’s not me. BCD support has helped me over my hurdles and difficult moments.”

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