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Your Vote Matters! Help Behind Closed Doors Win Big with Discount Promo Codes Charity Poll this May!

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Ending domestic abuse is everybody’s responsibility!

We’re thrilled to announce that Behind Closed Doors has been chosen to participate in Discount Promo Codes’ exciting monthly charity poll for May 2024! This is a fantastic opportunity for us to raise vital funds to continue our mission to support people affected by domestic abuse.

Who are Discount Promo Codes?

A voucher code website that donates 20% of their profits to charity every month.

Discount Promo Codes is a website committed to helping you save money on everyday purchases, whilst helping charities raise money for their commitments to make the lives of so many, a little less stressful!  They are not only helping you save money but they are also very passionate about giving back! So whether you are a bargain hunter or a benevolent, Discount Promo Codes is just the right place for you!

What Is the Discount Promo Codes Poll?

Three different charities take part every month, the one with the most votes wins the poll and subsequently, the donation!  This May, the winning charity could be Behind Closed Doors.  By voting for us in the poll, you’ll be helping us secure vital funds to continue our efforts to ending domestic abuse.

Why Support Behind Closed Doors?

At Behind Closed Doors, our mission is to build lives free from domestic abuse.  We have been supporting people affected by domestic abuse and violence for over 25 years.  Domestic abuse is always unacceptable and we support to tackle and act to prevent, for safer communities.

Your Vote Matters!

Voting in the Discount Promo Codes poll is simple and completely free. By taking a few moments to vote, you’ll be helping us make a real difference in the lives of countless individuals.

Here’s how you can help:

Visit the Discount Promo Codes website: https://www.discountpromocodes.co.uk/.

Look for the May 2024 charity poll (voting typically opens at the beginning of each month).  Scroll until you see the poll on the right hand side (bottom of the page on mobile).  Click the small circle next to Behind Closed Doors.

Please note:

  • The poll is free to vote in
  • You do not need to use any vouchers to vote
  • Everyone gets one vote
  • The poll runs from the 1st to the 30th/31st [end] of the month.

Don’t forget, your vote matters! So, cast your vote for Behind Closed Doors!

Together, we can create a safer community. Thank you for your support!

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